Social Care Inspection Reports

Report for Springfield Care Homes

The Commission for Social Care Inspection are the Governing body responsible for inspecting all care homes in the UK. The following extracts were taken from their reports following routine inspections of our homes:

Published Extracts Following Inspection


Residents Comments

“Its lovely living here.”
“I don’t have any worries, if I did I would talk to the staff or the manager.”
“It’s a lovely home.”
“The staff are really lovely, they’re just like a family.”
“I’m very happy here, you couldn’t wish for a better home.”
“Top class.”

Inspectors Comments

‘The strength of this home continues to be its lively, bustling atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming. Staff interact with service users in a lively and stimulating way, encouraging conversation and response by using the knowledge of the service users’ interests and also using humor with respect and sensitivity’

The food is tasty made from fresh ingredients and has won an award this year which recognizes its good quality. Service users have the choice of the food they eat and the staff know how they prefer their food to be served.

The home has an enthusiastic staff team who aim to provide a good and supportive service. One member of staff commented, “I love working here, everyone works as a team it’s good.” This helps service users to feel comfortable and confident in the people that care for them. Staff are well trained which means that service users are supported appropriately and skillfully. Service users are well cared for and this is reflected in their appearance, this promotes their dignity and self-respect.

The home has received several compliments from healthcare professionals about the high standard of care evident within this home, this includes letters from a GP, CPN and comments from district nurses who regularly visit the home.

This home is situated in an attractive setting away from the main road and within well-maintained grounds that includes well-stocked gardens to the back of the house and patio areas at the front that overlook the cricket ground. Service users confirmed that they use these areas in the warmer weather. The well-kept, safe and comfortable environment reflects a comprehensive maintenance program. New furnishings are regularly purchased, the necessary equipment is bought and rooms are regularly decorated.

Several cards, recently received from family members demonstrate compliments to the staff in relation to the care given.
The home also keeps a record of compliments given from visitors on a daily basis. These include
several positive comments made by visiting GPs, community nurses and other health professionals that reflect the positive care delivered and the “warmth and sensitivity given”

The meals are well planned nutritious and nicely presented and service users with special dietary needs are effectively catered for.
One service user commented, “You get a choice of meals, and they’re good!”

Service users confirmed that they are supported to live interesting lifestyles.
One person stated “lots goes on here, there is always something to take part in.”

Many of the service users and staff were observed discussing with interest and delight the Christmas party that had taken place the night before. All said that it had been a well-organised and enjoyable party. One service user commented “we all had a great time.”

There are few staff who leave this home, so they know each other and service users well. And they work well as a team. All service users living at the home are supported by staff without prejudice to their level of need, preference or background. Staff get to know people well so they can make sure that their personal, physical and emotional health needs are met. There are enough staff on duty at the home to meet the needs of people living there so they have time to do their work properly. Staff are skilled, with the majority having a recognised qualification and they are supported and supervised by their manager and senior staff.

Healthy Homes Award

Springfield House Recommended on

Top 20 Carehome Awards

Bright Copper Kettles Member

Care Quality Commission